Arif ŞİMŞEK (1960) Founding Partner

 Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant / Formerly Tax Inspector in Ministry of Finance

– KAPİTAL KARDEN Auditing Company’s partner of management at Ankara.

– Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences (1980)

– 1991 Department Chief of Revenues,

– 1996 Vice General Manager of Revenues,

– 1997-1998 Vice General Manager and Member of Board of Directors in Etibank,

– 1997–2000 General Manager and President of Board of Directors in Eti Foreign Trade Comp..and President of Board of Directors in ETİ Product Helsinki (Finland)

– 2000-2002 The Ministry of Finance, General Manager

– 2002-2006 Member of Public Procurement Board,

– He has over ten published books about Finance, tax, public procurements contract issues, and many published professional articles in various journal and newspapers.

– He speaks French and English.


Mehmet BAHAR (1968)

– Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant

– Tax Auditor in Ministry of Finance (1992-1998)

– He Speaks English





  Mehmet Yılmaz TAN

– Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant

– Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences (1980)

– Financial Analyst(1984-1989)

– English



                                                    TOLGA MELEKOĞLU       

 ssssss– Certified Public Accountants

– Born in İstanbul in 1984

– Anadolu University of business administration( 2005)

– Worked in TınarsoyElk. Tic. Ve San. Ltd. Şti. for accounting and finance between 2001 – 2009

– He has started to activity as a certified public accoutant since 2009 . He is working for our company in İstanbul as a outside auditor and certified public accountant .





 -Gazi UniversityDepartment of Economics (2007-2011)                                                  

 -Ankaras Denetim ve YMM LTD. ŞTİ.(2013-…)

– Head of Audit and Tax Division.