Ankaras Auditing and Certified Public Accountant LLP. has been providing services in field of sworn financial consultancies, financial auditing and outsourcing accounting services since the year of 2006

Financial Competance and Solution Oriented

Providing quality services for local and international customers with effective, trusty, fast and accurate solutions



–          Construction, Hydroelectric Power Station Construction And Operation

–          Tourism And Hotel Management

–          Construction Industry

–          Harbour Management And Loading, Dashboard Operations

–          Production Of Car Spare Parts

–          Production Of Industry Machines And Import

–          Domestic And Abroad Construction And Installation Operations

–          Environment Engineering And Consultancy

–          Mining Engineering

–          Pharmaceutical Industry

–          Oil Fuel Industry

–         Fish production

–         Mineral water and fruit mineral water production

–         Iron metal trade

–         İnternational associations and federations

–         Economic enterprises of associations and foundations

–         Hospital management

–         Construction materials trade

–         Airports roofing works